Fermented Rosehip Syrup

Rosehips fermenting in date molasses
Rosehips fermenting in date molasses

I'm a big fan of rosehips and always look forward to the first frost of the year to help soften the hips and give them that satisfyingly squidgy texture.

Not only do they taste great (think cooked apple meets pear drops) but they’re packed full of vitamin C and antioxidant’s.

I've always simply boiled the rosehips in equal quantities of sugar and water to create a deliciously vibrant syrup. However this time round i wanted to create a raw version to maintain the health properties and give a pure, clean flavour without applying any heat.

I decided to make 3 batches of the rosehip syrup experimenting with a different sugar or sweetener for each one and the results and complexity of flavours were incredible. I used unrefined castor sugar, raw honey and date molasses with the latter being my favourite but also took the longest to ferment.

It can be used in a variety of ways that include drizzling over porridge, yoghurt, fruit, pancakes, in salad dressings etc. However my favourite use is to use it as a base for a butterscotch sauce.