January- what a great month! the start of a new year and the beginnings of my foraging calendar. 

It can be considered quite a lean month with slim pickings but with a keen eye and a little patience there are many treasures to find. I only ever document the things i have found as opposed to telling you what you could possibly find. I'm all about keeping it real and being honest with whats available in my local terroir.

Here's what i've found so far:

Turkey Tail Mushrooms - You'll find this on dead hardwood and decaying branches. Due to their tough texture its best to dry them and use in tea and infusions due to their immune boosting properties and high percentage of antioxidants.

Velvet Shanks - Pretty much a dead cert in January. You'll find these frequently on decaying elm and ash stumps and branches. Having said that i've found them in the most random places such as the garden lawn and on the shed door. I like to poach them in soups or pan fry them until crispy. 

Winter Oyster Mushrooms -

Witches Butter - 

Wood ear fungus - 

Field Blewits - 

Black Mustard -

Winter Cress -

Chickweed -

Ground Elder -

Crows Garlic -

Hedge Mustard -

Crab Apples -