Pine Needle Tea


This for me is a cup of pure health and not only are the nutritional benefits incredible but the taste too! 

I’ve used Scots pine needles here and i tend to pluck the needles from the tree and dry them for a day or two. This concentrates the flavour and gives you more consistency when brewing.

The flavour of the tea is obviously piney but has notes of citrus. I like to add some fresh lemon zest and a little honey to sweeten. i also add a little cold water to the pot, this will help to regulate the temperature and stop you scalding the pine needles. This is a no no as you will kill the nutrients by over heating. 

 The tea is high in Vitamins C and A, full of antioxidants and boosts the immune system. 


  1. 1 handful dried pine needles
  2.  4 strips of lemon zest


 add a splash of cold water to a teapot. Add the lemon zest and pine needles before topping up with boiling water. leave to steep for a few minutes before enjoying with a spoon of raw honey. 

You can watch a short video here


Pine Needle Tea
Pine Needle Tea